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“Wholistic” Learning

Academic Program

How Our Program Is Designed

The last two decades have witnessed an astounding advancement in brain mapping technology and consequently, an understanding of the way humans learn. What researchers have discovered is that the old classical ways of teaching, and even many of the more “pop” methodologies, are effective to a degree, but they fall far short of what is now demonstrated to be more effective pedagogy and learning management. When education is done correctly, students learn how they learn as individuals, develop natural autonomy, enjoy the learning process, and achieve higher levels of critical and creative thinking. Students learn to study “deep” and “smart” and not confuse diligence for intelligence or mountains of homework for rigor.

Academic Program Goals

Our college preparatory program, or, better stated, our “prepare you for whatever God has for your next step” program, has at its base consistently-proven strong academics. But at CCA, this is just the start. 

CCA’s commitment is to provide an environment where our students can maximize their intellectual virtues under the direction of the Holy Spirit. The goal is to produce students who are prepared against intellectual predators, who are able to defend their faith, and who are fully equipped to provide a redemptive answer with gentleness and respect.

Students are trained in learning strategies that fit their individual learning profile. This makes learning more efficient and more enjoyable, leads to lifelong learning, and enables students to appreciate their own uniqueness and role in the Kingdom of God.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are not only degreed and certified, but just as importantly, they are specifically called to partner with CCA and families to provide the best in Christian education to our students.

Our teachers understand the learning process and go through regular training to keep them “in the know” on what is effective teaching and filter out what is simply faddish. The result is an environment where students love learning, experience academic success, and enjoy the benefits of a rigorous preparatory education.

Students experience engaging learning, meet uncompromising standards, and learn with greater ease and with increased productivity.

Our Curriculum

Decades of research have indicated repeatedly that when it comes to homework, “more is not necessarily better.” Too little homework, and the students will not get the necessary practice or opportunity for “spaced/interval recall.” Too much homework, and the brain changes from learning mode into coping mode and information does not store long terms, critical/deep thinking is sacrificed, and learning is miserable. 

CCA believes in a workload that is precisely calibrated not only to maximize learning, but also to cater to a healthy family environment. 

Our content comes from the best curriculum and textbooks available. We even use some materials that may not hold to a Biblical worldview. This is a purposeful step. Our teachers are specifically trained to use the materials to train our students to think critically and learn to do apologetics “with gentleness and respect” (1 Pet. 3:15). 

Immersion Learning

At CCA, we understand that unforgettable learning is experiential in nature. Done right, this approach takes advantage of the brain’s ability to acquire and reinforce knowledge inductively (i.e., “knowledge acquisition” and “inductive reinforcement” respectively). The result is emotional “buy in” (affective commitment), heightened knowledge receptivity, and a more efficient and sustained use of working memory.

Consequently, we are committed to providing the best quality in experiential immersion learning for students at all levels. Our students have many exciting opportunities to make learning concrete, from classroom experience to day trips, from overnight exploration of famous sites to language/science/art immersion classes in foreign countries. Click on the link below to learn more and see some of the opportunities CCA students receive.