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In the fall of 2002, a group of families met together to discuss the need for a new alternative in education for McKinney, Texas and the surrounding communities. At that time, two families were currently involved in a University-Model school (UMS) in another city. These families were tremendously pleased with the this model and the success it had with their children. After much prayer and consideration, the families felt led to bring this model of education closer to home and to meet the needs of the community. 

Cornerstone Christian Academy, therefore, had its inaugural year in 2004, opening its doors as a guest in a small church in Melissa. As CCA grew, it moved to McKinney where it continued to grow and prosper. In 2012, CCA purchased the historical buildings on College street across from Finch Park, where it currently resides and ministers to students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. In 2023, CCA purchased the adjacent property and building to the historic buildings, marking a significant step in their ongoing expansion and prosperity in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Learn More About CCA History in this Book Written by Doug Hagedorn, CCA’s Board Chairman

Our nation is at a crossroads. Our families are critical to our future. We must have a multi-generational approach in how we educate and disciple our most important assets–our children! As parents we are responsible for raising the future–not the school, not the church, not the youth group, and not the social media influencer flash in the pan-but us! God’s main homework assignment to parents is that we teach and train our children, but most parents feel unqualified to do so.

Many families have chosen a unique, yet biblical model to help them achieve their goals and dreams for their families. Cornerstone Christian Academy is no ordinary school. The institution was birthed in prayer, nearly died a horrible death, and now is one of the fastest growing schools within the University Model School system. God’s hand and favor are upon this school. The story of CCA is truly a miraculous God story–a story of God using ordinary people to accomplish His purpose.

We live in the most turbulent times in generations, testing the very core of our spiritual values and goals for our children and society. God has a plan for your future and family. Don’t waste precious time. This book can help you in finding a school, starting a school or choosing the right school for your child, as it guides you through the ultimate purpose of education as well as help in assessing your goals and priorities for your children. These decisions are monumental and have long-lasting multi-generational implications and should not be made lightly, or simply upon geographical accessibility or financial convenience.

If you want to make your life count, fulfill your purpose, or leave a lasting legacy, then let God use you. Your children are your legacy! This book is about letting God use you to fulfill His purposes. God is good!