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CCA’s Financial Policies


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Enrollment and Tuition/Fees

  • All families are required to enroll with FACTS Management Company for management of tuition and fee payments and incidental

  • A Contract for Continuous Enrollment is required for every student attending CCA, and all family account charges for the full school year are due and payable once the contract is entered into by electronic signature of a parent or Unless paid in full, monthly installments for all family account charges will be arranged through an automatic payment plan with FACTS Management Company. There are no interest charges for monthly payments and no discounts for paying in full.

  • The enrollment period for current families ends on January 31. At that time, a new payment plan for the following school year will be set up in FACTS for returning CCA families and a $100 deposit (per student) will be charged to secure each student’s spot on the registration roster for the next school year. The balance of the registration fee and other tuition/fees charges for the upcoming year will be added to the family FACTS account. Payments under the new plan will begin the month after the last payment under the current year payment

  • Enrollment opens to the community the first week of February. A FACTS payment plan for the following school year will be set up for all families during enrollment. In addition to the tuition and fees, a $500.00 New Family Enrollment Fee will be added to each families FACTS agreement. Payments under the new plan will begin approximately one month after

  • The registration fee covers registration and enrollment processing, technology fees, NAUMS fees, and administrative All families, current and new, registering on or after June 1st will pay the annual registration fee and a late fee during summer registration:

Late Registration Fee:                        $100 (additional per student fee when registering on or after June 1st)

  • New student registrations will be considered on a space available basis through July 31.

  • The academic supply fee covers costs associated with online service charges, standardized testing fees, and curriculum support Immersion learning fees cover both on- and off-campus experiences in which students have an opportunity to engage in authentic and hands-on learning experiences.

  • Other fees may be applied to the family FACTS account, including but not limited to, athletics, cheer, courses outside the regular school day, Learning Lab, Dyslexia Therapy, private music lessons, study hall, transcripts,

All fees are non-refundable, without exception.

Part-Time Enrollment

1. Registration for part time is open only during July 2023, depending on space and availability. The tuition for part-time enrollment in grades 4-12 is charged on a per class basis.


4th-5th Grade

6th-8th Grade

9th-12th Grade

Part-time Enrollment Tuition

$1500/Yr. per class

$1600/Yr. per class

$1800/Yr. per class

Ind. Study + Courses for Full-Time HS Students



$800/Yr. per class

TTH Study Hall – Semester




2. The part-time support program is available to homeschool families interested in enrolling a student in individual courses at CCA. Homeschool students may enroll in up to 4 classes per year. Homeschool students must complete the admissions process in order to enroll in classes on a part-time basis. Upon acceptance, the academic supply fee will be prorated on a per course rate, but the full immersion learning fee must be paid for students eligible to participate. A part-time student who later wishes to enroll in CCA’s full-time program will be required to pay a transfer credit fee for high school credits earned outside CCA, subject to approval by the principal.

Part-time students will not be eligible for graduation from CCA. An exception to this policy is for high school seniors who do not require a full-time schedule to graduate. A current senior may request part-time enrollment, subject to approval by the principal. Seniors enrolled on a part-time basis are required to participate in the CLAW retreat. Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for further details.

3. The registration fee for part-time enrollment or registration by semester is as follows:

Part-time Registration Fee:

$100 per class

Semester Registration Fee:

$300 per semester

 4. High school students registered on a full-time basis may be eligible for enrollment in independent study or other supplemental courses at a per course rate. Enrollment in the additional class is subject to approval by the principal.

5. During the Monday/Wednesday/Friday school day, high school students in 9th-11th grade with an open class period will be assigned to a study hall monitored by a teacher. There will be a per semester charge for the study hall period, if the student already has 6 classes in their weekly class schedule. Under special circumstances, students in lower grade levels who require a study hall on MWF will be assessed the same per semester rate.

6. CCA offers courses that meet outside school Tuition or other charges for these courses will vary by course.

New Student Admission

1.  There is a one-time Application Fee of $100 per student that is paid with the online application submission.

2.  All new applicants will be administered an academic evaluation during the admissions process. The evaluation fee is paid directly to CCA prior to or at the time of testing. Prospective students may be administered the Level One test, however, to assure that an applicant is a good fit for CCA’s programs, a student may be required to undergo the more extensive Level Two evaluation. Students who have been homeschooled for more than one year or who have not been enrolled in an accredited school prior to CCA will be required to undergo the more extensive Level Two evaluation. Level Three testing is recommended if it is suspected that a student may have a learning difference or when parents are curious as to specific areas of giftedness as well as areas for improvement. The Dyslexia battery is a specific set of tests used only to diagnose dyslexia.

Educational Testing Fees:

  • $175 per student for Level One
  • $500 per student for Level Two
  • $1,000 per student for Level Three/Full Individual Evaluation (FIE)
  • $500 per student for Dyslexia testing (may be coupled with any level of testing 3rd – 12th grade)
  • $150 per student for Dyslexia screen (may be coupled with any level of testing K – 2nd grade)

3.  All fees associated with the admissions process are non-refundable.


1.  Students in grades 6-12 may participate in CCA’s athletics program. Sports will be designated as either Individual or Team sports for billing purposes, and athletic fees will be determined according to these designations.

Junior High (6th-8th):

  • Individual Sport = $300 per sport
  • Team Sport = $400 per sport

Individual Sports: Archery and Golf.

Team Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball (proposed), Track & Field, and Volleyball.

High School (9th-12th):

  • Individual Sport = $400 per sport
  • Team Sport = $500 per sport

Individual Sports: Archery, Fencing, Golf, and Tennis.

Team Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball (proposed), Track & Field, and Volleyball.

2.  Drop/Transfer fee:

3.  Participation is allowed in one sport per season (fall, winter, spring), and any exceptions require the approval of the Athletic Director. When a student is approved to participate in more than one sport during the same season, the athletic fee for the second sport will be one-half the cost of the higher priced sport in that season.

4. Athletic fees are non-refundable and will be charged to the family FACTS account prior to the start of a sport season, unless there is not a sufficient number of students for a sport to make or, if after tryouts are held, the student does not make a team in the requested sport and the student did not select an alternate choice for that season. Availability of particular sports is dependent upon student participation.

Other Learning Programs

Learning Lab Program

The CCA Learning Lab program is for students in grades 4-12 who have documented learning differences and require accommodations and/or modifications to their academic program.  Enrollment in the Learning Lab program requires prior approval from CCA’s Principal or a Learning Lab specialist.  There is a non-refundable Learning Lab fee of $1,800 for the first student in a family enrolled in the program, and a $900 fee per additional student in the family enrolled thereafter.  Learning Lab enrollment is reassessed each school year, and the fee is non-refundable.

Dyslexia Therapy Program

The CCA Dyslexia Therapy program is for students in grades 1-12 who have a diagnosis of dyslexia or other specified reading disorder. The program has two separate tracks depending on the level of therapy needed.  The Special Programs Director will review each applicant’s case to determine the appropriate level of intervention required.  The non-refundable fees for this program are follows:

Dyslexia Therapy fees:
  • $4,150 per student for Level 1 (3 days/week)
  • $2,765 per student for Level 2 (2 days/week)
Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are offered before, during and after the school day at an additional cost. Private lessons in piano, acoustic/electric/bass guitar, drums, ukulele and voice are available on a limited basis. Students enrolled in the program will receive 25 half-hour lessons during the school year. The cost for private music lessons is $700 per year. Enrollment in the program is a year-long commitment. See program details for more information.


High school Cheer is an activity for current students that is billed separately after evaluations occur in the spring and the    squad has been selected. See program details for more information.

Other Costs

Curriculum/Books and School Supplies

Students’ grades 9th – 12th are required to purchase the needed curriculum and supplies for their student for each course by the first day of classes. CCA will provide families with curriculum lists necessary for each grade via email, through CCA’s online communication system and the school website on the Resources page. CCA’s vendor for textbooks and adjunct materials is Barnes & Noble College ( A link to their website can also be accessed on the resources page of CCA’s website, at Teachers/Coaches may periodically require additional supplies for special projects, assignments, uniforms, etc. In such cases, parents/guardians will be notified, and the fees may be added directly to the family’s FACTS account.  Students’ grades K-8th curriculum will be purchased by the CCA and made available on the first day of classes.  Charges for this curriculum will be billed to the families FACTS account on or before September of each year.   The total amount will be added to the family’s monthly payment plan.


All students are required to wear uniforms as detailed in the student dress code in the CCA Parent/Student Handbook. CCA families are required to purchase uniform items for their student from DM uniform as detailed in the dress code policy. Each family must purchase uniforms to meet their individual needs. Compliance with the student dress code is required by all students, including homeschool and other part-time students enrolled in individual classes. Some athletic uniform and equipment items are purchased and are retained by the family beyond the school year. Athletic uniforms and equipment provided by CCA remain the property of CCA and must be turned in at the conclusion of each season.

Adding/Dropping Courses

A $25 fee will be assessed for each course added or dropped beyond the cut-off date.  See Parent/Student Handbook for details.

Transfer Credits

A $50 fee will be assessed for accepting a student’s transfer credits. This fee is waived in the initial transfer of credits for new students when the credits are from an accredited source.  See Parent/Student Handbook for details.

Tuition Payments and Discounts

Tuition Discounts

Discount amounts are offered and approved annually by CCA Board and Administration.  Discounts apply only to tuition costs.  Discounts will not apply to athletic fees, registration fees, or any other charge or fees.  Only one discount may be applied at a time per family.  All discounts are subject to the federal tax guidelines and allowances.  All discounts are surrendered in the event of breach of contract.


Discounts are available to families under the following circumstances:

  • Multi-student tuition discounts:

3rd student – 5% tuition discount

4th student – 7.5% tuition discount

5th student – 10% tuition discount

  • Ministry tuition discount: for families where the head of household is employed in full-time ministry, which includes the following full-time positions: pastor, youth minister, music director or missionary. Proof of ministry is required in the form of a letter on church letterhead, signed by the chairman of the Board of Directors, deacon or other elder body of the church verifying current full-time employment in ministry.  At the time of enrollment, all families are required to submit a FACTS Grant & Aid application in order to be considered for this discount.  The information provided to FACTS will be used to process the application.  FACTS will then provide CCA with a determination of need which will be used to establish the family’s tuition discount and enable CCA to better access the financial needs of its ministerial families.  This process must be completed every school year the ministry discount is requested.
  • Employee tuition discount: for CCA employees pursuant to their annual employment contract.
Tuition and Fees Payment

A family account balance is typically divided into equal monthly payments based on the number of months remaining between the day of registration and the end of CCA’s billing year which is the last day of February. Annual FACTS account management fees are paid by CCA.  Delinquent payments are governed by the terms of the CCA Contract of Continuous Enrollment.

Financial Responsibility

All tuition and fees assessed by CCA are a financial obligation that must be paid to the school according to the established due dates.  Student records, including report cards, transcripts and standardized test scores will be withheld until all amounts due have been paid in full.  If there is an overdue balance, students are not permitted to re-enroll, transfer records, or graduate from CCA until their account has been paid.  All family financial accounts must be clear at the end of each school year. If an outstanding balance remains as of June 1, a student’s enrollment/registration will be placed on Hold and their name will be removed from the registration roster until the amounts due have been paid. Please refer to the Contract of Continuous Enrollment for a detailing of the financial obligations and conditions regarding tuition and fees.

New Family Referrals

Any current, registered CCA family whose referral results in the annual enrollment of a full-time student of a new family will receive a credit of $200.00 on their FACTS account for the referral, upon approval by CCA.  The referral must be noted in the new family’s application, and a New Family Referral Tuition Credit Form will be completed for such referral.  A maximum of three referral credits may be given to a referring family per school year.  Referral credits are evaluated and, if approved, will be applied in November of each year.  Only one credit will be issued per family referred.  If more than one family is listed on the new family’s application, the tuition credit will be divided evenly among the referring families.