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CCA Senior Trip

More Information To Come

Let the fun begin!

The Fun is still in the planning stages!

We are still scouting out the best options for this awesome trip, but we know you’ll love it! 

Once we have an idea of our options, we’ll fill you in.



Transportation and insurance

Food/Spending Money

Are you ready to celebrate your high school graduation? This last “hurrah” will leave you with a whole treasure trove of great memories and time with your friends. 

Application Due Date: TBD, probably mid November 2022

Please note: When you submit your application, the $250 trip deposit will be charged to your FACTS account. (The trip deposit for Café workers will be taken from their Café credits).

By submitting your trip application, you are making a firm commitment to go on the trip (barring any COVID-19 related issues). Please read the conditions stated on page 2 of the application before signing.