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Special Educational Programs

Does your child learn differently?

The Lord’s mission for Cornerstone involves developing all students to their fullest potential for the Kingdom of God. For this reason, CCA’s strong academic program and critical thinking development, while challenging, gives students the tools they need to be successful in whatever road lies ahead. 

However, CCA understands that every student is created uniquely by God, from the gifts they have been given to the way they think (what we call neurodiversity). The way some students learn, i.e. those who have learning differences, may cause them to struggle in their academic efforts. 

Central to our educational philosophy is the practice of differentiated learning; however, some student’s needs extend beyond the normal scope of differentiation offered in the standard classroom.

With this in mind, CCA has developed special programs to assist in student learning. If you have a student who struggles with learning, take a look at some of the programs we offer to give these learners the tools they need to succeed in their academic efforts.

Learning lab

Academic discipleship is more than just sending a student through an academic process. It requires honing thinking skills with a sensitivity toward a Biblical worldview. It also required discipling a neurologically diverse group of learners. For some students, their learning differences/disabilities may put them at a disadvantage in a scholastic environment, even though their struggle is not the result of intellectual inferiority.

Consequently, CCA has developed a learning lab that targets students with mild learning differences and help them voce forward in their academic discipleship. This program bridges their learning gaps and teaches students effective learning strategies, for their next educational step.

Scope of the program

  • This program is available for students beginning in 5th grade, in math and/or English classes.  This effective and popular program fills up quickly. Students requiring the Learning Lab Program may be placed on a wait list upon admission.
  • Through the Learning Lab Program, we are able to offer a spectrum of services that range from accommodations in the regular classroom to individualized instruction in separate small group math and/or English classes. 
  • Unfortunately, some student’s needs are outside the scope of our Learning Lab services. CCA serves students with mild learning differences and dyslexia. Students with cognitive disabilities/delay are currently not within our scope.
  • Additionally, students with behavioral and/or social/emotional disabilities would not profit from our program.

Program requirements

  • Concurrent enrollment with a separate tuition fee. this fee is the same regardless of the services received through the Learning Lab Program. See our Financial Policies.
  • Admission into the Learning Lab Program is typically based off of recent diagnostic testing (within three years) or recommendation by CCA administration after reviewing the student’s admissions testing and/or other academic records and progress.

Please be aware

  • Due to CCA’s college preparatory academic program, some students who were not receiving special education services from public school may still require our Learning Lab Program as a condition of admission.
  • Students with moderate to significant learning differences and who received services in special education in public schools will often times not qualify for our Learning Lab Program.
  • The needs of some students are outside the scope of our Learning Lab Program. 

Dyslexia Therapy

CCA has a team of dyslexia therapists on staff to meet the needs of students diagnosed with Dyslexia. Our therapists use the Orton-Gillingham Method known for its comprehensive multisensory approach. Hour-long individualized therapy sessions usually takes place during the normal school day to make it convenient for students and parents.

Scope of the program

  • The CCA Dyslexia Therapy program is for students in grades 1-12 who have a diagnosis of dyslexia or other specified reading disorder.
  • It is not necessary that a student be enrolled in CCA to take advantage of our dyslexia program. Students not enrolled in CCA may have to pay an an additional application fee. (see Financial Policies.)

Program requirements

  • Requires a documented diagnosis of dyslexia or learning difference.
  • Dyslexia therapy requires a separate tuition fee. See our Financial Policies.